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What does my appointment cost?

First Osteopathic Appointment: 45-55 minutes - $100. At your initial appointment your Osteopath will discuss your individual situation, scans and any diagnostic reports you have. Based on your condition, your Osteopath will explain and devise the best treatment plan for you. 


Follow up Osteopathic appointments: 

At your subsequent appointments your Osteopath will continue with the treatment plan and address any pain or discomfort you have.


Adults: 30 minutes - $90.


Babies and Children: 30 minutes - $80 Dollars.


Student/Pension and Concession card holders: 30 minutes - $70.


Private Health fund rebates apply and can be claimed on the spot. Please check with you Private Health fund provider for available rebate allowance.

Medicare rebates apply when you have an eligible EPC-referral from your GP for Osteopathy. 

What do you have to bring?

Please wear comfortable clothing and don't forget to bring your Private Health Insurance card for on the spot HICAPS rebate claiming.

Please also bring your Medicare card and your Enhanced Patient Care (EPC) referrals from your medical doctor for claiming a medicare rebate. If you have any scans or pain related diagnostic reports please bring them to your initial appointment.

How many visits will I need?

This is very individual, depending on the pain or injury. On average most patients receive between three to six treatments to deal with acute pain. Constant ongoing treatment is usually not required, however, if you are suffering from a mechanical pain or reoccurring postural related pain or headaches, you may be advised a frequency of maintenance care every four to six weeks or every three months, depending on your age, your job, hobby and lifestyle.  

What to expect at your treatment?

Osteopathy is not dangerous. Our Osteopaths have a very gentle approach which involves hands-on techniques that focus on releasing tension, stretching muscles, mobilising joints and skilled manipulation of the spine as well as massage of soft tissues. 

For optimal treatment effect we need to know about your health history, past and present. Therefore you will be asked detailed questions about the pain or discomfort you are experiencing, your medical history as well as any medication you may be taking. The Osteopath will make a diagnosis, which will be discussed with you and in most cases some treatment will be given. If  the Osteopath does not feel you will benefit from osteopathic treatment, it will be explained to you and other options will be discussed.

Before the hands-on treatment begins, you may be asked to undress in order for the Osteopath to observe and test the pain related area. Children and Babies are required to have a responsible adult present at their treatment. 

During your treatment your Osteopath will examine the area that is causing problems and any other areas which may be related to your condition. You may be asked to perform simple movements to help the Osteopath understand and assess your situation and further examinations may be conducted while you lie on the examination table. The Osteopath may also take your blood pressure and test reflexes, joint mobility and muscle strength. After treatment, you will receive advice and possibly simple exercises to support the treatment at home. 

How do I feel after my treatment?

Most patients will feel at least some improvement after the first osteopathic treatment. For some patients the benefit of the treatment may only be felt after a few days. In some cases patients can have a delayed reaction to the treatment and may initially feel a bit worse before improvement is seen. If you have any concerns or complaints about the care or treatment provided, please advise us, as we would like your feedback.